'The Suburbs Sleep' by Paul Shiakallis is Eerie

 - Nov 7, 2011
References: paulshiakallis & photographyserved
While everyone in the neighborhood is tucked away in their respective warm bed and entered deep into their dreamland, photographer Paul Shiakallis from the city of Johannesburg in South Africa is still wide-awake at an ungodly hour, capturing the beauty of this still city.

Dubbed The Suburbs Sleep, the series of images depicts deserted streets in the quiet neighborhoods of Natal, Brazil, Melbourne, Australia, Nicosia, Cyprus and Johannesburg, South Africa. With no single soul in sight, these pictures with their perfect contrast and lighting evoke mixed emotions in the viewers, from feeling Zen and tranquil to lonely or even spooked.

My favorite shot from The Suburbs Sleep series by Paul Shiakallis would be the one depicting a telephone booth on a Melbourne street, as the picture boasts captivating hues of red, orange, yellow and silver white.