Yasuyuki Takagi Photograhs Empty Natural and Undeveloped Lots

 - Oct 2, 2013
References: spoon-tamago
For artist Yasuyuki Takagi, the art of discovering and exploring natural and abandoned areas is attractive. Takagi has put together a collection of some natural and undeveloped and abandoned areas to follow this theme and his interests.

These photos include forestry, rivers and deserts in both rural and expanding areas (Krushu, Takagi; Brooklyn, New York and so forth). Takagi captures wildlife photos of areas that have yet to be fully discovered, explored and documented. Takagi's current home in Brooklyn, New York, also takes a different turn in his collection as he photographs areas that were once inhabited, but are now abandoned. Some of these include abandoned fields, lots, buildings and so forth.

Takagi displayed his artwork at Bushwick gallery this past weekend, and more artwork will be displayed until the end of October at the same location.