The 'Medirobot' Medical Robotic Assistant Eliminates Discomfort

 - Dec 11, 2011
References: julesparmentier & designbuzz
Being in a hospital is hard enough, which is why the 'Medirobot' Medical Robotic Assistant is such a welcomed addition to staff. For those suffering from very serious injuries or who simply cannot move around on their own yet, this robot helps transport them around the hospital easily and, hopefully, as pain-free as possible.

Designed by Jules Parmentier and Nancy Nguyen in collaboration with Pilotfish Taipei and Munich teams, the Medirobot Medical Robotic Assistant is currently in the final concept and design development stage. It essentially reduces the physical efforts for the caregiver and the discomfort for the patient by eliminating steps in the process of moving them. Instead of needing an extra lifting device or wheelchair, the Medirobot Medical Robotic Assistant does all the work.