Stefano Boeri Architects 'Solid Waves' Design is Uniquely Eco-Friendly

 - Aug 1, 2010   Updated: Jun 13 2011
The Stefano Boeri Architects 'Solid Waves' design is a unique, environmentally-friendly piece of architecture. Featuring three towers of different heights, this residential development has plenty of open space along with "commercial and public infrastructure."

Its green (literally) exterior is made to insulate the buildings while absorbing rainwater runoff. Definitely overwhelming in its design, the Stefano Boeri Architects 'Solid Waves' is one to look out for.

Implications - The abundance of environmental concern saturating media outlets has created a new wave of eco-conscious consumers. These citizens seek to make their lifestyles as "green" as possible, and are willing to embrace new products and structures that help them accomplish this. Companies eager to cater to "green" demographics should adapt their products so that they all contain eco-friendly elements.