This Concept Skyscraper Will Be Built Using Residents' Recycled Waste

French architectural practice Chartier-Corbasson has envisioned an incredible skyscraper, dubbed the Organic London Skyscraper, that will be built from the recycled waste of its own occupants.

The architects propose that paper and plastic waste generated by the building's tenants could be recycled and used to create panels for the building's continued construction. The Organic London Skyscraper building would then 'grow' thanks to the waste generated by its residents, with enough materials being produced within one year to create the building's facade.

The building is also designed to be efficiently and cost-effectively operable, in that waste materials can be collected and sorted within the building itself, before being converted into construction panels. The quicker vacant spaces in the building are occupied, the quicker construction would be completed thanks to the increased amount of waste produced.