The Oxymoron Skyscraper Explores the Paradox of Solidity

 - Nov 14, 2013
References: linkedin & suckerpunchdaily
One of the most basic lessons that you're learn in an architectural lecture is that the absence of material deserves as much attention as the physical structure of an edifice. The Oxymoron skyscraper study really digs deep into this solid and void relationship with influential roots in the geology of the planet.

Luca Pedrielli proposes this tower for Shenzhen, China, looking like something out of science fiction. It's irregular in both form and surface and appears somehow both futuristic and incredibly organic. The designer speaks of his project as a contradiction. The Oxymoron skyscraper manifests as "erosion, a sort of creative destruction, the construction of space through matter subtraction." It is a backwards and compelling way of approaching the art and science of building.