The TurmFahrt Takes You to an Amazing World Of Cars

 - Aug 31, 2010
Volkswagen's 'The TurmFahrt' or 'Car Tower Discovery' is a specially built glass tower with 800 cars stored inside. The car tower allows visitors to explore the highly complex technology inside the 20-story factory building.

There is a lift inside the tower which takes a maximum six people at a time, allowing easy access to each level. If you visit Wolfsburg, Germany, then 'The TurmFahrt' is definitely a building you must check out.

Implications - Consumers are completely fascinated with cars, therefore incorporating automobiles into products or ads will definitely get attention. Buyers also love to interact with products, which is another great form of garnering attention. Combing cars and interactivity will definitely attract customers even if the product doesn't have anything to do with cars.