The Hend Almatrouk Pushkinsky Cinema Harkens to the Site's History

Contemporary architecture enthusiasts may already have caught a glimpse of one or two other entries for the Changing the Face Competition in Moscow, but the Gijo Paul George/Hend Almatrouk Pushkinsky Cinema is a submission that will truly suck you in.

Embodying the idea of metamorphosis, this cultural hub celebrates to the lively Rossiya theater which used to sit on this site, but does so in a way that resembles no other edifice on Earth -- let alone the original structure.

A squat undulating cube makes up the bulk of the otherwordly building, but a gaping glowing void that opens off of an abutting intersection marks a monumental entrance. A red carpet for special performances and premiere productions can be set up along the impressive black hole entry promenade, leading into the Pushkinsky Cinema where the public will be thoroughly entertained.