This Unique Structure Design Changes With its Shadows

 - Jun 24, 2013
References: michaeljantzen & archinect
This eye-catching unique structure by Michael Jantzen is designed to give deep thinkers a place to reflect. Inspired by leafy vines growing out of the earth, the Dark Shadows Pavillion’s tangled strands cast complex shadows below it. The resulting effect completely confines visitors in a dark streaky optical illusion. This architectural concept blurs the distinction between the physical building and ephemeral nature, its shadows.

The environmentally conscious design encourages you to sit and analyze the moving shadows around you. Made of bent steel pipes and angled wooden boards, the complexly shaped structure hovers over you like tangled vines. Everything is purposely painted in black, so that the structure blends with the shadows it casts. Visually, the structure and its shadows will actually become one. The shadows will move slightly throughout the day, also affecting the overall appeal of the pavilion.