The Nest Chair By Kirv Features an Unconventional Aesthetic

 - Apr 28, 2012
The 'Nest Chair' By Kirv is the latest mind-blowing project from the British design studio. A cross between retro futurism and farmhouse chic, this chair dons a metallic materiality woven to resemble chicken wire.

The modular seater features a domed frame that is transparent and lightweight. Its form is then accented with a pink-hued fabric seat, erratically attached to metal supports, making the off-kilter furniture piece an acquired taste for many. Shocking and at times garish, the 'Nest Chair' by Kirv is a definite conversation starter.

Whether loved or hated, Kirv's creation is undeniably one-of-a-kind, exuding authenticity channeled through its complex and distinctive concept. The opposite of traditional, this expressive furniture piece is sure to make any space that much more memorable.