MIT's 'Biological Silkworm 3D Printer' is Something to Marvel

 - Jun 4, 2013
References: psfk & bitrebels
The 'Biological Silkworm 3D Printer' by MIT showcases a unique new technology that relies on the genius of nature to do its work. The printer does not actually print 3D silkworms; rather, it prints an outline for which the real live silkworms to spin their silk within.

"Using these worms as the "printing head" of their innovation is a genius approach since the animal has endless printing material," describes Richard Darell over at BitRebels. The MIT team got 6,500 silkworms together to spin the impressive dome shown in the photos. This wouldn't be described as a DIY project or something you should try at home, but it's definitely an interesting new take on combining technology and nature. The endless possibilities for this fascinating process are something to behold.