The Yellow Pages Redwoods Treehouse Eatery is High Class

 - Jun 12, 2012
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Initially open for only a month in 2009, the Yellow Pages Redwood Treehouse has recently begun welcoming guests again to its humble treetop lodgings!

The architectural masterpiece is based in a forest in north Auckland. The cage-like design winds around the redwood tree trunk and runs a connecting 600 meter walkway across the beautiful canopy to the ground. It is available for booking as a wedding or private party venue, though keep in mind it can only hold 30 people! If you're looking for the backdrop to beat, this is the place to give you and your guests their dream photo-opt (and a new profile picture).

How this marketing initiative relates to the core values of Yellow Pages (the press release beckons us to see the company in a new light), I'm not sure, but at least it is a memorable stunt!