The Grotta Palasezze Hotel Sits in Limestone

 - Aug 15, 2012
References: mymodernmet
Italy's Grotta Palasezze getaway sits among the limestone of the Polignano a Mare region. Visitors get to enjoy views of the Adriatic Sea from the elevated cavern, one that is walled with jagged weathered rocks.

Owners of the Grotta Palasezze market it as a romantic location. The restaurants and open spaces that overlook the Sea and the cliffs help to bring about this accurate description, as does its 250 year long history.

This spot has been at the center of celebrations for as far back as many Italians can remember. Travelers can now partake in its long-standing tradition with a stop at the Grotta Palasezze. And if this wasn't enough to entice European explorers, perhaps the haute cuisine will do the trick.