Winnipeg's RAW: Almond Restaurant is Situated Over a Frozen River

'RAW: Almond' is a unique pop-up dining experience in Winnipeg, Canada that’s literally quite cool.

A temporary restaurant will be set up over Winnipeg’s frozen Assiniboine and Red Rivers, equipped with a dining table with room for 30, plus an additional 10 in its tasting lounge. Since RAW: Almond will be around from the 24th of January to the 13th of February this year, diners will want to dress warmly for this event, although the dining area will be heated.

The unique experience is meant to bring together Winnipeg’s food and art communities, as well as redefine the reputation the city has for being wintry. Over the course of the three weeks that the tents will be up, over 1,300 diners are expected to take part in this icy dining experience.