Universidad Politecnica de Madrid’s Drywall is Green

 - Aug 4, 2012
References: upm.es & gizmag
Universidad Politecnica de Madrid’s present drywall study introduces a sustainable means to moderate the temperature of buildings. The institute inserted small paraffin beads into the design and mixed the substance with average drywall material. The capacity of the combination to absorb and emit both cold and warm conditions was remarkable.

While the inclusion of these beads in drywall has been done in the past, and is indeed a fixture of contemporary science, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid took the concept further by producing a concoction made of 45% paraffin.

The loaded product was able to sufficiently cool and heat Spanish structures that vacillated between 68 to 86°F. Researchers on the project have consequently concluded that the concept can cut down on corporate energy consumption by up to 40%.