From 5D Galaxy Ceilings to Beaver Dam Ceilings

 - Sep 25, 2012
These captivating ceilings will have you gazing into the havens.

The importance of a ceiling in constructions has held importance historically. Since the debut of Michael Angelo's Sistine Chapel fresco masterpiece, decor of the highest point has been of highest priority. Artists have taken to creating fantastical canopies that rival Renaissance paintings in an ultra-modern manner. Marrying the fields of technology, architecture and art instillation ceilings retained the center of attention and encourage visitors to peer into what is above.

For instance, Silver Restaurant features a ceiling that resembles a beaver dam with an intricately placed wood installation by DarkDesignGroup. Also, the Delight Cloth by Tsuya Textile Co. combines textile with light fixture to create decor that is reminiscent of the night sky. With the amount of inspiring decor, these unconventional ceilings are a medium of art in their own respect.