Delft University School of Architecture Recieves a Contemporary Revamp

 - Aug 13, 2011
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Students at the Delft University School of Architecture, or Bouwkunde Delft, in the Netherlands, may have a stunning new building to go to, thanks to talented designer Peter Mitterer.

The new Delft University School of Architecture will be a more-than-suitable replacement for the original school, which unfortunately burned down. According to Evolo, the new building will supplant "the traditional binary circulation logic of educational buildings by a more differentiated network logic." The new structure features undulating ceilings and walls, creating curvy, pocketlike sections throughout the building. Indeed, when you look at the design plans from a bird's eye view, you'll see that the whole things looks like a big oscillating wave.

With an innovative and contemporary design befitting of an architecture school, the new Delft University School of Architecture also aims to effectively maximize social and creative interaction among students.