StarMurals Have Actual Shooting Stars

 - Jan 6, 2008
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StarMurals glow all night, blanketing your ceiling like with a sky that resembles that of a clear summer evening, away from the city lights. It's like camping under the stars, or on the deck of a boat, but without the bugs or chilly temperatures.

These 5D murals are the adult version of the glow-in-the dark stickers of stars and planets we had on our walls as kids. Granted, they're a little cheesy, but still, so intriguing.

During the day, they're invisible, so no one (with the exception of that special someone), will know the last thing you set your eyes on before falling asleep is a twinkling galaxy above your bed.

Really, I do mean twinkling. The stars actually glitter and shimmer, and the odd shooting star sparkles across the 'sky.'

Imagine them not only in your own home but on a private jet, a yacht, luxury hotel, nightclub or coach bus.