Raising the Roof, from Giant Digital Clocks to $14,000 Insects

 - Aug 11, 2009   Updated: Jul 19 2011
When somebody asks you, "What’s up?", the standard smart-ass answer is to say, "The ceiling!" With these stimulating ceilings, it’s not always an inappropriate answer.

The beautiful art and creativity that composes these stimulating ceilings is enough to take all focus off of anything eye level and below. This collection includes 3-dimensional ceilings, recycled bottle ceilings and even beds on ceilings. Maybe "what’s up?" should be asked a little more often!

Implications - Consumers in the modern sphere are constantly looking to inject an element of luxury into their lives. Products that feature a prestigious aspect are appealing to those who desire exclusivity while completing their everyday responsibilities. Companies attempting to solidify their name on the market could focus on this when coming out with their newest designs.