Kimsooja's Lotus: Zone of Zero Encourages a Moment of Peace

 - Jan 17, 2012
References: kimsooja & mymodernmet
The Lotus: Zone of Zero art installation was first put together in 2003 at the Palais Rameau in Lille, France, then again in 2008 at the Rotunda of the Raverstein Gallery in Brussels and once more in 2012 at the Samsung Museum in Seoul. Since it encourages visitors to "experience a moment of peace and contemplation of the harmonized world," according to the artist, it's not surprising that it has been showcased so many times. It reminds viewers of the relationship between an individual and society.

Created by Korean artist Kimsooja, the Lotus: Zone of Zero art installation is made out of 2,000 pink flower-shaped paper lanterns. They are arranged on the ceiling of the Samsung Museum, which happily allows natural light to seep through, increasing the vibrancy of the pink color used.