'All' by Maurizio Cattelan References the Notion of Death

 - Nov 16, 2011
References: interviewmagazine & mymodernmet
The art installation titled 'All' by Maurizio Cattelan is both eclectic and eccentric. Hanging sculptures may not be anything new, but when those sculptures happen to be a strange and quirky mix of life-sized animals, furniture, popes and more, then it ventures into unchartered territories.

Exhibited at the Guggenheim until early next year, the art installation All by Maurizio Cattelan is inspired by just about anything and everything in both popular culture and history. Known for producing artwork that is comedic in nature, Cattelan made All to be a restrospective of his oeuvre since 1989.

By hanging from the ceiling, this art installation references the notion of death, and also represents other concepts such as one's mistrust of authority and financial hardships.