Nanushka Betastore Design Features Contrast of Soft and Hard

Eschewing typical walls and fixtures, the Nanushka Betastore features an innovative interior design that seems to mimic the inside of a pillow case. Indeed, the space is wrapped in puffy swathes of linen, something the designers -- architecture students Daniel Balo, Zsofia Dobos, Judit Emese Konopas, Dora Medveczky and Noemi Varga -- did to save time and money.

The students were handpicked by Hungarian fashion designer Sandra Sandor, who gave them only a few short weeks to create an interior design for her Nanushka Betastore. With a low budget and constraints -- save for a bit of minor drilling, the interior was to be left unharmed -- the students quickly applied materials like cotton, linen, firewood and rusted steel for the design, says The Retail Design Blog. "Balloon lamps" were used as light fixtures, the walls and ceiling were wrapped in linen and the firewood was used to create flooring. With these materials, the designers were able to create an interesting contrast of soft and hard and give the store an eco-friendly element as well.