From Traveling Bookstores to Limited Inventory Book Shops

 - Oct 23, 2015
As online marketplaces and the onset of the digital age threaten traditional print publications, merchandisers and brands are tasked with developing a bookstore concept interesting enough to entice consumers in from the streets. The results are a variety of envelope-pushing retail concepts that at times completely reimagine the process of shopping for a next book.

A particularly innovative concept hails from Ginza, Tokyo in Morioka Shoten, a book shop that only carries one title at a time. Conceived as a means to get consumers deeply interested in one title rather than introducing them to a small bit of information about several, this intriguing bookstore concept speaks to the issue of analysis paralysis, in which consumers feel too overwhelmed by purchasing options to make a decision.

There is certainly no shortage of innovative bookstore concepts that will inspire an afternoon of tucking into used book shops.