The Carobna Suma Bookstore Boasts a Dynamic Ceiling Design

 - Aug 8, 2015
When it comes to interior design, there is a lot of emphasis that is put on fixtures and focal points of the space at eye-level, but the Carobna Suma Bookstore in Serbia has visitors look up with a quirky ceiling design.

The all-white ceiling makes it seem as though there are liquid drops and square tree creatures about to fall from the ceiling.

This imaginative ceiling design shows that other than having consumers focus on sticking their noses in books, it pays to get them to look up every once in a while and wonder at the world around them. While the rest of the bookstore's shelves seem quite regular, it's easy to imagine that the style of the ceiling could be applied to a whole whimsical bookstore environment to have the effect of transporting visitors to another world.