This Niche Bookstore Only Stocks One Title at a Time

 - Sep 5, 2015
References: takram & psfk
'Morioka Shoten' is a niche bookstore that one stocks one title at a time. While many people appreciate a wide variety of choices, sometimes it can be difficult to narrow down what to read. This unique bookstore combats decision fatigue by narrowing down the amount of choices available.

The bookstore is located in Ginza, Tokyo and is run by Yoshiyuki Morioka. Morioka who wanted to open a dedicated space to showcase and celebrate one book at a time. While many books go unnoticed in traditional libraries, Morioka Shoten ensures that each book receives the attention it deserves. Each week, the niche bookstore displays a new title along with pieces of art that relate to the theme of the book. The minimalist display draws attention to the book itself and highlights the importance of the story.

The unique bookstore provides a new way for consumers to discover new literature.