The Leoja Bloma Pavilion is Built Around Iceland's Exotic Geography

 - Jul 14, 2012
References: suckerpunchdaily
There is something to be said for the style of architecture that the Leoja Bloma explores. It acts as a study of more primitive forms of building to make valuable use of the site's own natural materials and to reinvent the best possible strategy for erecting a unique structure.

Conceived by Sang-uk Park and Youngbum Kim, Leoja Bloma houses hot springs and gallery spaces to highlight the extreme characteristics of the Icelandic landscape. Views inside of the 'Mud Flower' project unveil an unusual world, seemingly in a state of decay. Wood an local clay are used to form the cave-like walls and ceiling of the edifice through a chaotic assembly process, leaving openings in the cladding and pieces hanging from above.

Photo Credits: suckerPUNCH