The Roberto Ercilla Mechanical Ramps are a Concrete Convenience

 - Jul 17, 2012
References: iwannagothere & robertoercilla
The Roberto Ercilla mechanical ramps are a future-forward installation found at the City of Vitoria in northern Spain—much to the tired tourist’s delight.

These moving sidewalks and staircases are designed similar to a caterpillar skeleton. With successive metal U-frames following the sliding pavement, the twisting structure is a juxtaposing addition to the cultured and cobblestone-covered Spanish landscape. However, the curious glass-enclosed ramp is unmistakably modern in design; a sight worth marvelling (and taking pictures) at. The lazy will love watching the scenery pass them by, literally.

Since Vitoria experiences extreme weather from summer to winter, the airport-inspired portcullises serve a practical purpose by protecting wary walkers from the elements.