Live Like the Tributes by Staying in the Hunger Games Hotels

 - Nov 4, 2013
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On November 22nd, the anticipated Catching Fire will be out in theaters, and what better way to immerse yourself in the experience than to spend a few days in the Hunger Games hotels?

To accommodate fans of the books and movies, put together hotels that will specifically speak to die-hard fans. The first one is known as the Treehotel in Sweden, and it’ll definitely remind people of Katniss’ living situation while she was in the Games the first time. This hotel actually sits in the forest so when you look outside you’ll be surrounded by trees. However, despite the natural atmosphere, the living conditions inside are luxurious and modern.

The next abode chose to include was the Bubble Hotel located in Estonia. This hotel has a see-through roof so you can enjoy the stars while you fall asleep. To suit the Hunger Games theme, this hotel is inspired by the dome arena that the Tributes must fight in during the 75th Games.

Finally, the nhow Berlin hotel is decorated in bright and vibrant colors to match the eccentric style of the people who live in the Capitol.