Gain Rest with the Float SPA

 - Oct 16, 2011
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US runner Carl Lewis, NBA superstar Shaquille O’Neal, English football player Wayne Rooney, the Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles are all users of the popular Float SPA. These superstars use the device as part of their daily relaxation routine.

The use of floating as relaxation therapy was introduced by American neurophysiologist John C. Lilly, who started to study the effects of sensory deprivation in the 1950s and came up with the idea of isolation tanks.

Budapest-based Float SPA Ltd, and its exclusive Float SPA isolation tanks take John C. Lilly’s discovery on floating to a higher level. The floating experience offered by the Hungarian design firm results in complete, pure mental and physical relaxation superior and shorter than sleeping.

According to the company, floating devotees can achieve a mental fetus-state, like that of a Buddhist monk's meditation, through immersing oneself in the tank’s water with high salinity, eliminating the negative effects of gravity. The Float SPA cabins lock out any other visual and auditory stimulus that might be the source of stress.

The exclusive floating isolation tanks of Float SPA have deluxe finishing to further please the lovers of floating.