From 5-Star Pet Hotels to California Canine Retreats

 - Nov 28, 2013
There's nothing more relaxing than taking time off to relax in a far off location, and these fancy pet retreats are offering pet owner's the chance to give their furry companions that same luxurious experience.

Getting pampered at a spa or luxury resort is definitely a fantastic way to relieve stress, so why not offer your furry companions that same feeling by sending them off to one of these chic pet retreats? A creative way to give your dog or cat a little break from their strenuous pet lives, these fancy pet retreats will definitely have your furry friends feeling fresh and exuberant the moment they return.

From extravagant pet spas to chic canine hotels, these fancy pet retreats are offering some creative ways for owners to spoil and indulge their adorable furry friends.