Artist Ky Anderson Allows his Subconscious to do the Painting

 - Nov 21, 2011
References: kyanderson & juxtapoz
A painter's ability to control decisions defines the finished product of their work; however, artist Ky Anderson doesn't put much thought into his decision-making process. Instead, he lets his intuition take over, without ever setting final goal, which allows for less restrictions when he paints.

Artist Ky Anderson paints intuitively, never thinking of the finished painting. He never fully understands what each painting is about. Anderson works on multiple paintings at once, each one influencing the other. Working this way allows him to layer the paint and create subtle imagery. Over time, Anderson claims that using this method has made his paintings more abstract with less recognizable images, a method that he has become rather comfortable with.

By learning to let his work be less defined, Anderson hopes that viewers can bring their own insight and stories to the paintings.