From Pulsing Light Walls to Rainbow Graffiti Papercraft

 - Aug 15, 2012
These colorful art installations are capable of drawing in crowds and capturing the hearts of both young and old. The prismatic hues found in these large-scale works are bold, vibrant and in-your-face.

Using materials such as string, paper, paint and metal, artists create larger-than-life works that are hard to not become absorbed into. Some artists push the boundaries even further, using offbeat materials like balloons, water guns and flip-flops to create kitschy sculptural masterpieces. The hyper-saturated tones and unexpected surroundings are what make these works stand out in a sea of citizens. Many works invite passing patrons to interact and observe the piece outside of a traditional museum context.

Proving the world isn’t just black and white, these colorful art installations are brilliant and stimulating to the senses.