These Melvin Galapon Posters Will Have You Squinting in Awe

 - Jun 11, 2011
References: mynameismelvin & designlov
Do not attempt to adjust your monitor, what you're currently looking at are the visually perplexing posters of the talented Melvin Galapon. It may take you awhile to decipher these images, but that's kind of the point. And I bet after you've put in the effort to figure out what each poster says, the message is imprinted on you much longer than your standard typographic affairs.

Melvin Galapon is a London-based artist whose specialty includes installations, illustrations and design work. His style is often distorted and obscured by flashy lines or eclectic dots, but audiences will have no problem uncovering his awesometastic artistry.

My favorite of these Melvin Galapon posters is the one comprised of little hearts which spell out "Love is Blind." It took me a good 15 seconds to figure out what it said and upon figuring it out, I realized how clever the poster really was.