Patrick Raynaud Injects Life into Typically Drab Wind Turbines

 - Sep 11, 2011
References: newscientist & gizmodo
Despite low noise pollution, neutral carbon pollution and a relatively small profile, modern wind turbines are still derided for their ugliness -- a problem Patrick Raynaud hopes to resolve.

This wind generator, located outside of Hamburg in Germany's most eco-friendly region, has received a world-class makeover courtesy of French designer Patrick Raynaud. It's astonishing how a simple array of string lights and strobe fixtures can elicit the inner beauty of sustainable energy, a market usually ruled by offensively strange designs. As wind speeds fluctuate, so do the intensity and color of the attached lights, which draw power from the turbine itself. The design was commissioned by Hanover's Expo-Region Climate Protection Programme with the express purpose of showing people how beautiful wind power can be.