M.A.S.T. Novabell

 - Jun 6, 2008   Updated: Aug 16 2011
References: bornrich.org & dvice
The M.A.S.T. art installation, commissioned by Novabell, is a design by Italian artist Joe Velluto. The Transitive Sensory Living Module consists of many areas for viewers to watch the film as they are sitting, laying on the floor, hanging from a pole or leaning against a wall.

The Italian artist is trying to get the viewer to explore the boundaries of space and reality by allowing them to come in contact with them in the theater.

Implications - This is a sensory experiment that urges participants to alter the way they understand their surroundings and senses, allowing them to be both actors and spectators while challenging their "aliveness" through M.A.S.T.

Kudos to M.A.S.T. for this, large-scale originality.