From Levitating Circular Cinemas to Interactive Movie Theatres

 - Jun 14, 2014
With the rise in popularity in downloading movies or streaming them from the comfort of your own home, movie theatre design has had to become much more enticing.

Commonly, movie theatre experiences include sticky floors, people who won't put down their cell phones and that annoying kid who constantly kicks the back of your seat—really, it's no wonder that people would rather pass on going to the movies. But now, these kinds of tired old theatres are becoming a thing of the past and new cinemas are luring in movie-watchers with environments that focus on comfort, interactivity or luxury. More than just a comfortable movie chair, some cinemas include reclining sofas, beds, bars, snacks, pillows and blankets, which is like having all of the comforts of home, plus a gigantic movie screen.