This Unique Cinema Seating Design in London Features Double Beds

 - Jan 5, 2014
Cinema seating just got more epic! These unusually glorious lounge seats and beds take theater comfort to the next level. In London England, The Electric Cinema in Notting Hill features double beds in its first row -- officially making front row seats best in house. The theater decided to renovate by tearing out 14 chair seats and replacing them with six upholstered double beds. An added luxury is that those in the bed seat receive a cashmere throw blanket. Instead of smooching in the back row, now couples can enjoy it under a snuggly blanket -- but doing so in plain sight of the entire house.

In Athens Greece a similar conceptual design has been utilized to the extreme of incorporating actual double beds, completed with bed sheets, and nightstands. Unique cinemas leave viewers feeling literally right at home! It is ideal for couples and cuddling, however families might find it awkward.