From Body Module Cinemas to Rippled Ceiling Theatres

 - Oct 25, 2012
Public gathering for entertainment plays a vital role in community infrastructure, and these unconventional theaters enhance the ideal of entertainment.

This compiled list of modernistic cinemas and theaters showcase the novel designs and technology that have been the vanguard in entertainment space convention. There is a tendency to infuse these sacred places of amusement with cutting-edge features that elevate them to inventively futuristic places of enjoyment.

For instance, the Centipede Cinema located in Guimarães, Portugal creates a space of standing room modules to enjoy film in a one-of-a-kind pavilion. At the more technologically advanced end of the spectrum is the Hyper-Matrix by Jonpasang that features pulsating walls that revolutionize the ideal of theater diversion. These unconventional theaters are a testament to the evolving genre of entertainment and its exciting trajectory to an elevated, futuristic form.