Laser IMAX is the Future of the Ultra-Widescreen Format We All Love

 - Oct 21, 2011
References: motion.kodak & movieline
The word 'laser' seems to have the ability make any contraption -- regardless of how archaic it is -- suddenly sound futuristic, which must be the reason why Kodak and IMAX chose to christen their first co-operative endeavor the Laser IMAX.

When you see a genuine IMAX film, there's a tendency for the quality to diminish as your eyes approach the periphery. Unfortunately, current technology prevents projectors from broadcasting an image of such size without losing fidelity, messing up the depth of field or sacrificing image quality. Laser IMAX will remedy those limitations with a suite of new technologies which will not only improve the visual appeal of films, but will make business with Kodak and IMAX more straightforward. A digital distribution platform has been added, allowing movie theaters to download films and trailers from producers. Moreover, people who've had optical troubles with 3D films need not worry -- lasers hit the retina in a novel way, meaning that typical discomfort shouldn't arise anymore.