Redesign of El Molino by Fernando Salas is a Performance Unto Itself

 - Mar 6, 2011
References: yossawat & framemag
El Molino by Fernando Salas is a redesign of a 100-year-old theatre in Barcelona that is a very important cultural and artistic place for citizens. The place is given a more futuristic look using modern technical solutions, giving the theatre a more performance-ready look. The most important part of the redesign of El Molino by Fernando Salas is the LED lighting, which defines the new identity and creates the mood in this impressive building.

Redesigning cultural institutions like theatres and opera houses is a great opportunity for designers and architects to create an innovative design that can act like a performance all its own. Working with places that are very important cultural landmarks of the community is also a very difficult challenge, but Salas achieved this task beautifully.