The Almonte Theatre's Use of Space and Materials are Majestic and Bold

 - May 10, 2011
References: donairearquitectos & archdaily
The Almonte Theatre in Huelva, Spain, was designed by Donaire Arquitectos with a unique and bold facade that sets it apart from traditional contemporary structures. A concrete block structure that bears resemblance to a bagel or donut dominates the visual identity of the Almonte Theatre.

The theatre was built on the site of an old winery and the architects had the mandate of incorporating existing structures into their design process. The interior of the building showcases an interesting use of space and light.

The Almonte Theatre's exterior brilliantly contrasts the massive concrete structure with contemporary accents: black paneling and its designation as a theatre in large typeface. The building's use of contrasting materials and its preservation of an existing structure make it an existing piece of architecture.