From Snail-Shaped Music Halls to Floating Theatres

 - Jun 21, 2012
Sure to impress any die-hard film or stage buff, these conceptual cinemas are the opposite of your run-of-the-mill theatre. From sleek 1960s and bat cave-inspired home cinemas to cube-conscious theatres, these intriguing structures stray far from the traditional.

Whether catching a sophisticated show at a snail-shaped music hall or experiencing rapper Kanye West's short film debut at his pyramid cinema at Cannes, these awe-inspiring designs are the epitome of experiential architecture.

From their bold structural and interior components to their multiple sensory elements, these conceptual cinemas make for an interactive experience for its users. Whether one is enjoying epic home entertainment or watching their favorite flick while aboard a floating theatre, these offbeat cinema designs change the way one looks at the concept of public space.