Electric Cinema's Edible Cinema Uses Food to Enhance Films

 - Jun 15, 2012
References: electriccinema & springwise
London's Electric Cinema is experimenting with a new type of movie watching, dubbed edible cinema. The name may lead you to think that the theater is giving away edible film reels, but rest assured, they aren't. Instead, edible cinema is all about using food to heighten the experience of watching a movie.

Electric Cinema's first edible cinema film was "Pan's Labyrinth." Before the movie, guests were given numbered packets of food. At the appropriate time, a numbered placard would appear, instructing the audience members to eat. Edible cinema is still a relatively new concept, and Electric Cinema is working to refine the experience. Tickets to the event weren't cheap, selling for about $34 apiece. That's a lot of money to see an older film, but it isn't hard to imagine movie junkies shelling out that much to see a new release.