From Star Trek-Themed Theaters to Personal Pop-Up Cinemas

 - Jun 5, 2013
The movie experience has come a long way over the years, combining surround sound and access to food and drink to make the process more enjoyable, and these inventive theater designs are taking the cinema to the next level by showcasing more outside-the-box and grandiose features.

Going to a show or movie is always an enjoyable experience. Sitting for an hour or two watching your favorite flick while in a dark room has been the way movie goers have done it for years. These inventive theater designs however, are showcasing all sorts of new and quirky concepts that will make the movie experience much more interactive and fun.

From theaters where you can sit and watch from within a jacuzzi to those that visually replicated certain Sci-Fi movies, these inventive theater designs are revolutionizing the way we ordinary watch film.