1st Place Long Island Cinema Makes You Famous for Five Seconds

 - Jul 24, 2011
References: afsarmanesh & suckerpunchdaily
Part of the appeal of watching movies is to celebrate the stars who tell the story, but the 1st Place Long Island Cinema lets theater-goers be recognized on the big screen as well. The monumental snaking structure incorporates three massive frames, and one of them features holographic images of the patrons filing into the complex.

The enormous and angular spiral form of the architecture sits relatively lightly on its site, opening up an incredible view towards the city of Manhattan. When visitors turn to appreciate bright lights of the impressive NYC skyline, they can do so through a pair of virtual screens that capture their fellow citizens and the famous faces on the outdoor amphitheater film reel. Designed by Ali Afsarmanesh and Madjid Montazeri, the 1st Place Long Island Cinema incorporates a series of indoor auditoriums that wind around the twisting gravity-defying edifice.