This Elegant Home Theater Will Grant You More Than Three Wishes

 - Jun 3, 2013
References: electronichouse & luxurylaunches
The elegant home theater created by Amazing Design, Lutz Décor and Horner is a fun and luscious emulation of Arabian Nights-style decor. The room's owner was dismayed by the awkward bottle shape of his abode but the trio of designers managed to transform that bottle shape into a real genie's bottle.

The home theater is decked out with extravagant tapestries in deep rich purples, beautiful crystal chandeliers and even several hookahs. An extraordinarily comfortable couch spans one wall, curving against its bottle shape, again in a deep purple that could not be more inviting. The other wall features a huge plasma screen TV, making this room the ideal movie-watching space.

This Aladdin-inspired elegant home theater is a great demonstration of interior design innovation. Not only is it a functional space, but its stunning decor and quirky inspiration make it an enviable place to enjoy a film.