Himri Glasses Make Sounds Visible to Users with Hearing Impairments

 - May 29, 2012
References: industrialdesignserved
I couldn't see wearing these Himri Glasses every day, but as a deaf person, certainly this techie fashion accessory would have a valuable use for many scenarios in and out of the home.

What the spectacles do is pick up surrounding noises, analyze their amplitudes and communicate their volume intensities through live spiky lines on the sides of the lenses. The device works with the help of a microphone and a processing board in one arm and a battery in the other. The two clear lenses function as LCD monochromatic screens.

While wearing Daniele Silvestri and Andrea Chagnon's eyewear, the user will receive extrasensory feedback about possible threats in his midst. Approaching cars and wailing alarms will trigger exaggerated movement on one or both sides of the Himri Glasses so that the wearer will be alerted.