The Melbourne Melissa Shoe Store is Quirky and Imaginative

 - May 16, 2012
References: edwardsmoore & frameweb
The Melbourne Melissa shoe store is a bubblegum pink wonderland, full of whimsical fixtures and eye-catching displays. Designers Juliet Moore and Ben Edwards were presented with the task of creating this Brazilian retailer’s first Australian flagship store.

Melissa Shoes emphasizes distinctive products that are functional yet stylish for its consumers. The shop is designed with a similar intention to bring shoppers into an amusing and serviceable sensory experience. The space has been filled with 300 plastic orbs, resembling clusters of bubbles rising in the water. A suction cup hook can also be attached onto the spheres to provide additional display space.

The minimal use of color allows the vibrant colored heels and sandals to pop against the white surface. However, the boutique is also outfitted with LED lights that can be programmed to emit psychedelic tints.

The dream-like atmosphere of the Melbourne Melissa shoe store is reflective of the brand’s quirky and playful products.