From Literary Coffee Cups to Failure-Highlighting Pizza Ads

 - Aug 9, 2014
Restaurant rebranding occurs when an eatery attempts to change the public's perception of them. This can happen through a number of tools, but must often includes a new logo, name or design. Whether a fast food joint updates their menu to include healthier items or an old place revamps to appeal to a younger demographic, both also would fall under the umbrella of restaurant rebranding.

Domino's Pizza has recently undergone several rebranding efforts, especially when it comes to the negative perception of their delivery services. This can be seen in failure-highlighting pizza ads and pizza-stabilizing devices. After a customer complaint, Chipotle's decided to change up their packaging to include the work of artists and authors. Tim Hortons also launched a concept store that was high-tech instead of homey and served coffee beer.