To Put an End to Pizza Delivery Fails Domino's Invented the Steady Pizza

 - Jun 4, 2014
References: steadypizza & adweek
In a hilarious effort to put an end to being shamed on social media for their pizza delivery fails, Domino's Brazil came up with the Steady Pizza. This delivery system is designed to stabilize pizzas by always keeping them level to the horizon and preventing them from arriving a smushed, cheesy mess. To be mounted on the back of delivery motorcycles, the pizza-stabilizing invention will eventually be launched worldwide.

A new commercial created by Brazilian ad agency Artplan further explains the science behind the delivery device. A platform hovers between two hemispheres that adjust to accommodate any tilting or bumpy road conditions. This mechanism lives inside a large transparent box that glows in the dark. It will only be a matter of time before you see the Steady Pizza in action and a slow decline of the Domino's Pizza delivery fails.